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The nightlife in Dhaka is not a piece of cake for everyone who is new here and might appear to be a bit elusive also. But if you know where to look, there’s plenty happening in the Dhaka city at the night. Here we can help you unlock the right doors to turn up the endless opportunities. If you have the right guideline and expectation, Good places are in plenty near Gulshan, zones known as diplomatic zones. These are the most expat populated zones also very safe and secure in terms of safety. You’ll find many disco bars or dance clubs that can accommodate over 100 guests at a time in most locations. See Our Gallery

Five Star Hotels in Dhaka for Nightlife

The international scene is also available but occasionally international DJ’s do show up. For that you always need to keep an eye on five star hotels in Dhaka. Drinking and nightclubs in Dhaka come as an elusive topic when you go to find the best nightclubs in Dhaka. That’s often gripping outgoing savvy visitors, be it foreign or overseas Bengali residents, who are in Dhaka for a short visit. Often night club party or dance club is associated with the upper middle class to upper-class citizens. You will find them easily in renowned five-star property’s in Dhaka. For example, the Cigar Bar at Radisson, Prego bar at Westin near Gulshan 2. Dhaka all have live music with disco facilities.

But there you need to prepare to shed some wallet weight, as drinks are quite expensive in these places. Though some may find the nightlife in Dhaka are some of the best you will find at any place. Though it seems that the nightlife scene is always five-star property here in Gulshan, Dhaka areas, but often they hold local DJ party with famous local DJ. There you can meet many local celebrities and media personalities too. But for this, you have to make sure way to know is, of course, keeping an eye on the social media channels of all this property.

Night Party in Dhaka

Sometimes famous foreign DJ’s also are known to launch a night into the stratosphere in Dhaka, but they come seldom. The best clubs are the ones arranged by diplomatic houses. The Nordic club, International Club, German clubs etc. These always hold weekly parties and local or foreigners can easily access this clubs by buying a pass. How to Get Best Escort Service in Dhaka?

Hotel Lakeshore Bar is one of the most popular bars in Dhaka city. The bar has become the hub for travelers in the town. The place has a nice setup for relaxing with a nice scenic view. It’s located near Banani Bridge area near the conjunction of Banani Gulshan Road. The hotel at Gulshan 2 has got one of the largest brand stocks in the country, which has given them a sense of pride. The bar is situated right beside the heart of the town.

Hotels Guide for Nightlife

The address is Hotel Lakeshore, Road # 41, House # 46, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212. In this city, it is very easy to navigate, recognizing specific road no’s you can find any places easily. You can directly search by Google map for desired locations. It’s offers a wide array of facilities like café, a place for snacks called Quick Bites, shisha, free wifi, separate smoking zone and much more. You can make reservations over there, if you have a plan in the evening with friends and enjoy the finest drinks available in the city. (How to Choose Best Escort From Dhaka?)

Some Informative Guideline for Nightlife

The Time is not easy for everyone. Whether you enjoy the nightlife in Dhaka. It will depend on what you’re used to and what you’ve enjoyed in the past. There are some sex clubs in Dhaka but those are open to everyone. There are also social clubs which typically used for birthday parties, weddings, and other social gatherings. As Bangladesh is a Muslim country, it’s hard to find alcohol, which can make the nightlife in Bangladesh more difficult to enjoy. For example, most tourists have to head over to Gulshan club or Dhaka Westin located at Gulshan 2 and have to pay several bucks for beers. (See Photos on Nightlife Girls.)

You can also ask for alcohol from your hotel. If you can’t get alcohol from your hotel. You will need to go to bars and clubs in Gulshan, Dhaka and Chittagong city. But remember that Dhaka isn’t incredibly safe, so you should be careful who you talk to at night and where you go alone. There are also places in Dhaka where you find many expats with plenty of partying and drinking. After partying most of the tourists in Dhaka choose to go back to the hotel early. ( How to Know about BD Escott Service?)

How to Enjoy With Dhaka Nightlife?

You can get alcohol from different bars in Gulshan, Dhaka and Chittagong city at a cheaper price. Than other five star hotels like Westin, Sonargaon, and Sheraton located near Banani, Baridhara area. You can go to Hotel Sarina and La meridian too wherein some restaurants. It will be able to enjoy drinks, kebabs, and foods at these restaurants until midnight. You can also enjoy some poolside parties with beautiful chicks. You can ask some of them drinks but need to be careful that the girls are mostly cheap prostitutes. So you need to be expert enough to manage one at a fair price as most of the girls hike giant price while they see foreigners. You may also find some good chicks luckily then you may end up taking to the rooms and having sex with her but depends on your good luck.

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